Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ukraine - I Hate It When I'm Right.

Police come under attack when attempting to clear Kiev's streets.  (Photo/Courtesy of Gigapica)

Kiev's Independence Square had fireworks last night;
Demonstrators using them as weapons in their fight.
Viktor Yanukovych sent police to clear the square.
More than 20 people died in heavy fighting there.

Could become a civil war if violence doesn't stop,
If more demonstrators die, or kill another cop.
I predicted this would happen in a rhyme last week,
Said it was an option Yanukovych had to seek.

He'd be facing charges for corruption should he lose,
Plus an angry Putin...  Glad I'm not in Viktor's shoes.
Russia sent advisors in but their advice has sucked.
I'm afraid Ukrainians are seriously....  ahem...  in trouble.

Russia needs to step aside, let Yanukovych fall, 
Just accept that who Ukraine allies with ain't their call.
Viktor's out of options now 'cause, either way, he's screwed.
(Please forgive my language - I'm not usually so lewd.)

141184 600 Yanukovych cartoons
(Political cartoon courtesy of artist Christo Komarnitski)

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