Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Congressional Update - A Rhyme

(Artist Drew Sheneman/Courtesy of Tribune Media Services)

Update on the Congress (for the few of us who care...
Those with any interest in what goes on up there)
Congress reached a compromise and passed a Farming Bill,
Raised the ceiling on the debt - that's if the Senate will.

That seems pretty likely so, at least, they'll get that done.
It might be the last thing, though... They've got campaigns to run.
Boehner wouldn't give an Immigration Bill a chance.
GOP's afraid their base would look at them askance.

In mid-term elections would be handing them their coat
If they gave the President and Democrats a "win,"
Once again, our immigrants will take one on the chin.

It is so short-sighted when we cater to extremes,
Seemingly forgetting that we're not on different teams.
We're "one nation - indivisible..." At least, we were.
Well...  Except for Bachmann; I am disavowing her.

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