Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day? There's an App for That.

It isn't just the Olympic rings that are hooking up.  (Photo/Courtesy of Detroit.CBS.Local)

Looking for a Valentine?  I hear that there's an app,
Popular because it's making "hooking-up" a snap.
Olympians in Sochi have been using it - a lot...
All those healthy, pretty people gathered in one spot.

Tinder lets them see who else is looking for a date
When they aren't out on the slopes or on the ice to skate.
Shows whoever's close to them who'd also like to meet
In between those moments when they're scheduled to compete.

Talk about a "target rich environment" to use.
They can still find consolation, even if they lose.
(As for me, I found my love the good, old-fashioned way.
Thank you darlin' Valentine...  I love you more each day.)

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