Monday, January 20, 2014

The New England Patriots - Thanks for a Great Season

Football season's over now...  At least, it is for me.
'though I'll watch the Super Bowl, it's not "must see T.V."
Patriots did better than I had a right to hope.
Does that make it easier to lose to Denver?  Nope.

Hard to say for certain why New England didn't win,
Maybe they weren't acclimated and the air's too thin.
Might have been the injuries we've had throughout the year.
Could have been the fact we didn't keep Wes Welker here.

Didn't help to lose Talib so early in the game;
Secondary coverage was never quite the same.
For whatever reasons, Denver was the better team.
Broncos' fans will be the ones who get to live the dream...

Dreams Seattle Seahawks' fans are hoping they will crush;
Their defense is frightening; they've got a great pass rush.
I guess I wish Peyton well but, really, I don't care...
I'd just like to thank the Pats for almost getting there.

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