Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The State of the Union - A Re-Cap in Rhyme


Said that, in the last five years, we've all come pretty far.
Companies are hiring, the Market's through the roof;
Cited recent studies, gave examples, offered proof.

Wasn't soaring oratory, more a laundry list.
Made a plea to Congress just before he slapped their wrist;
Said he wants to work together but he also will
Act, at times, to circumvent opponents on the Hill.

He was not antagonistic towards the GOP
But he made it very clear; that's how it's gonna be.
I can't really blame Obama...  What else can he do?
When he asked for 40 things last year they gave him 2.

And the 2 he got he didn't get without a fight...
Every single bill faced opposition from the Right.
Maybe immigration will lure folks across the aisle;
Congress working as it should...  Ain't seen that in a while.

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