Thursday, January 23, 2014

With Sincerest Apologies to the NSA

John Darkow - Columbia Daily Tribune, Missouri - Google-Snoop - English - Google, snoop, Wi-fi, wiretapping, Chris Koster, Missouri AG, privacy

When you check the internet it's also checking you.
Amazon believes they can predict what you will do.
They know what you're thinking long before you've had the thought
So they're shipping items that you haven't even bought.

OnStar knows where you have been; predicts where you might go.
Facebook sends your status out to everyone you know.
On a daily basis, credit information's hacked;
Every single movement on the internet gets tracked.

There is almost nothing that a Google search can't find.
We give so much information out it blows my mind.
People at the NSA must look at this in awe,
Knowing - if they tried it - it would be against the law.

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