Monday, January 27, 2014

Baby Steps In Geneva

Welcome to Homs. (Photo/Courtesy of @homsae)

Delegates from Syria (at least the ones who came)
Wasted lots of energy in allocating blame.
Lavrov and Kerry forced participants to stay...
Tried to save the accusations for another day.

Want humanitarian deliveries of aid
Into parts of Syria where they have been delayed.
Residents of Homs are starving; dying in the streets,
There amongst the ruins and the corpses wrapped in sheets.

Do you think those people care who gets to be in charge?
Problems that they're facing for survival are too large:
Will their children make it through the night, or will they die?
Can they keep their families safe when bullets start to fly?

Has the world forgotten them and does nobody care?
Is there any way to get the hell away from there?
Now, at least, the women and the children get to leave.
Let's hope that the talks can pull more tricks out of its sleeve.

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