Thursday, January 09, 2014

With Sincerest Apologies to Harvey Leonard

Harvey Leonard preps his Storm Team 5 forecast
Harvey Leonard, WCVB's Chief Meteorologist.  (Photo/Roger Lyons/

Wrote a rhyme the other day...  I swear, it was a joke.
Said the cold sent global-warming worries up in smoke.
Judging by his terse response, my humor was a bust.

Frankly, I was puzzled when it wasn't well received
Until realizing that some people still believed
That a polar vortex moving farther to the south
Proves there's a conspiracy.  Next time I'll shut my mouth.

If you think I'm joking now, then check out FOX and Friends;
That stuff isn't funny; it is scary and it's sad.
When did scientific education get so bad?

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