Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Olympic Games and Black Widows Don't Mix

Be on the lookout.  (Photo/New York Post)

'though I plan to view Olympic Games, I wouldn't go
(And not just because I'm not that big a fan of snow.)
Sochi is the target for a terrorist attack;
If you plan on going there you'd better watch your back.

'though I know you go to see an athlete who competes,
Your eyes should be looking for Black Widows in the streets.
There are 3 they're searching for and 1 could be there now...
Figure skaters cannot execute a great Salchow...

Not if they are focusing on checking out the crowd.
Must be hard for athletes there to do their countries proud
Knowing any moment at the Games could be their last -
Talk about a motivating cause for moving fast.

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