Friday, January 17, 2014

The Devil's Music

(Photo/Courtesy of Merrimack Repertory Theatre)

Mom and I have season tickets to the M.R.T.
Once a month (or so) there's some new play we go to see.
Shows are always very good but last night's was the best;
Musical performances placed it above the rest.

Miche Braden, Aaron Graves, Jim Hankins on the bass;
Braden, playing Bessie Smith, got right up in my face.
Tony Nelson, Jr. blew a smooth and soulful sax.
There is simply nothing that this great performance lacks.

Can Ms. Miche sing the blues? You bet your life she can.
If you have a night that's free, may I suggest a plan?
I would go again if you need someone to go with.

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