Friday, January 31, 2014

"It's Our Bleeping City"

A bloodstained Tsarnaev surrendering to police. The red dot on his forehead is a sniper's laser target. (Photo/

I was not a victim of the Marathon attacks;
Wasn't near the bombings that stopped Boston in its tracks;
Didn't have my legs blown off and didn't lose a child;
Never went to view the site where running shoes were piled.

Didn't have to shelter in my home while the police
Searched throughout the city; only read the press release.
I have never met Dzhokhar Tsarnaev - never will.
Didn't know the brother who the cops were forced to kill.

Never understood what changed a boy who people liked
Into some crazed radical, or down which roads he's hiked...
Therefore, I'm not qualified and shouldn't have a voice
In his future punishment.  I'm glad it's not my choice.

Eric Holder's seeking death 'cause Massachusetts can't.
40 years ago this state decided that we shan't.
Since the bombs were terrorism, Holder says he rates
Execution 'cause he aimed at the United States.

Tell that to the people who were injured in the blasts;
Tell it to the amputees or those still wearing casts.

They're the ones he really hurt and not the government.

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