Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm A Crappy Mother

Sick kid - 

Youngest son is home today; he says he's feeling sick.
Doesn't have a fever though; should I suspect a trick?
He's been out for two days now and that's a lot of school...
Most of all, I'm worried that he's played me for a fool.

Then I start to wonder; is there something wrong with me?
Not the kind of loving mother pictured on TV.
Wish I had the sympathy and trust those mothers do,
But I see no symptoms that he's got the stomach flu.

I'll just have to take his word 'cause he's an honest guy
And I've got no reason to suspect him of a lie.
Now I'm feeling guilty; I'm a mean and heartless slug...
I think I'll go give my poor, sick kid a giant hug.

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