Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christie's Road to the White House Hits Traffic

(Cartoon/Courtesy of Bramhall's World, New York Daily News)

Sitting in a traffic jam is never any fun.
Drivers grow annoyed with you if you're the cause of one.
If it's due to accident, they may cut you a break;
Everyone, at some time, has committed a mistake.

Just imagine how you'd feel, however, if you learned
Traffic was intentional... ('cause Christie's team felt burned -
Didn't get endorsements from a Democratic mayor)
Payback was the reason you were stuck; just sitting there.

Seems to me it wasn't Fort Lee's mayor who felt the pain.
He was no where near the bridge...  The traffic was insane.
Governor Chris Christie says he didn't have a clue;
Says he didn't tell his close advisors what to do.

Even if you grant him that, it does seem like his style;
He's been called a bully by opponents for awhile.
Maybe now he'll try to tone the bombast down a smidge
Lest his road to Washington gets stuck up on a bridge.

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