Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Long Term Unemployment Benefits

(Photo/Huffington Post)

Long-term unemployment benefits must be resumed;
Without those then millions who are out of work are doomed.
It's a short extension but, until there are more jobs,
People can't find work (and not because they're lazy slobs.)

Can't get by on minimum; it's not a living wage.
Can't do work too physical (at least, not at my age.)
Have to make enough to pay their health insurance bills.
Must compete with younger folks and their updated skills.

They're afraid their resumes go straight into the trash.
Can't get funds for start-ups 'cause the banks aren't lending cash.
First we have to figure out a way out of this mess;
Get the unemployment rate to 5%, or less.

Let's invest in research projects in genetic codes;
Offer free tuition, fix our bridges and our roads.
People don't want charity, they want a decent job...
Congress needs to do theirs lest they face an angry mob.

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