Thursday, March 14, 2013

The New England Patriots - Dear Mr. Kraft...

End of an era.  (Photo/USA Today)

Couldn't cough an extra couple million up for Wes,
Even after Brady just agreed to sign for less?
2 years for 12 million doesn't seem a lot to ask
For a guy we stuck with every single, thankless task.

Now it's Peyton Manning who has Welker on his team?
I am feeling bad enough about this I could scream.
I'm not mad at Wes, although I know that some fans are;
Saying only Brady could make Welker such a star...

Maybe so, but Peyton Manning's also pretty good.
(83 is moving to the Denver neighborhood.)
Brady's getting Amendola, who is always hurt...
Now what am I gonna do with my Wes Welker shirt?

I suppose those are the Rockies in the background...  What? The White Mountains weren't good enough?

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