Thursday, May 02, 2013

Close Guantanamo

There are several, empty, Super-Max prisons we could be using instead of the politically charged  one at Guantanamo Bay.  (Photo/

Detainees who we are holding at Guantanamo -
There because, right now, there's no where else for them to go -
Have been on a hunger strike and some would now be dead
If there weren't orders they be medically force-fed.

That's another violation of their human rights
As they seek to bring the world's attention to their plights.
Hunger strike is spreading; there's one hundred on it now.
Have to find a way to solve the situation.  How?

They are not the radicals that everybody feared...
Or, at least, they will not be 'cause, after what they've seen,
They have ample motive now to keep their noses clean.

Then we have to close Guantanamo - and, right away.
Something that the Congress should accomplish yesterday.
It's become a symbol; Abu Ghraib on Cuba's shore.
Since that doesn't make us any safer, what's it for?

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