Friday, May 31, 2013

Dear GOP... Where Did You Go To School?

Current student debt stands at $1 trillion. (Photo/

Rates on college student loans could do as much as double...
Meaning current graduating seniors are in trouble.
GOP would tie the rates to markets; experts fear
Their solution could cost kids a thousand bucks a year.

President Obama says he'll veto any move
That does more to harm these kids than it does to improve.
We need college educated people in the States;
Why would we add more financial burdens to their plates?

College can be hard enough without this added debt.
It is in the int'rest of our country that we get:
Future scientists and doctors, teachers, engineers...
Those whose future taxes pay for our declining years.

How are they supposed to pay for us when we get old?
They'll be paying college loans while we're out in the cold.
I think that Republicans should stop and think this through.
Students will remember them when that first bill comes due.

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