Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Dear NRA... Glenn Beck? Really?

Glenn Beck, too crazy for FOX but not for the NRA. (Photo/ABCNews)

NRA Convention down in Texas - not for me.
There is almost nothing about guns where we agree.
Plus, their A-List speakers like Santorum, LaPierre,
Sarah Palin (Heck, they even stuck Glenn Beck up there...

I thought he'd been relegated to the loony fringe.)
They make me so angry I can feel my eyebrows singe.
I cannot accept that they believe the things they say;
Really think Obama plans to take their guns away.

That would mean they're stupid - or they're crazy...  Take your pick.
I think it's more cynical than that and rather slick.
When they are successful and make citizens afraid
More of us go purchase guns and that's how they get paid.

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