Friday, May 24, 2013

Dear Massachusetts Republicans... Can We Talk About Gabriel?

Pond scum.  (Photo/

Candidate for Senate lost his temper; acted dumb.
Gomez called Ed Markey "dirty," said he was "pond scum,"
Says that ads that Markey ran distorted all the facts...
I have met some Senators and that's not how one acts.

Seems to me it's Gomez who's been running dirty ads.
Claiming he was blamed for Newtown takes some huge gonads.
Pointing out Gomez defended OPSEC's ad campaign
Isn't Markey calling him bin Laden...  That's insane.

Just because Conservatives in Massachusetts know
Voters wouldn't like the truth, they shouldn't sink so low.
Why does Gomez not defend positions that he's had?
He should check his mirror and then run a cleaner ad.

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