Friday, May 03, 2013

The Boston Pink Hat* Sports Report

"Do not get your hopes too high this year," sportscasters said.
But, although it's early yet, the Red Sox are ahead.
"This is a rebuilding year...  They'll finish close to last."
Maybe so but, out the gate, they're off and running fast.

Pitching's been amazing; Papi's stats are off the chart.
It's been years since Red Sox fans have seen this kind of start.
Could be, with the pressure off, the Sox are having fun
Then, before they realize it, they've gone out and won.

Celtics play the Knicks tonight; a game we have to win.
I just follow basketball once play-off games begin,
So - I'm not an expert - but I'll put my faith in Pierce
And I guarantee that competition will be fierce.

Bruins won last night; they beat the Maple Leafs by 3.
Boston's TD Banknorth Garden is the place to be.
Seems like every night a play-off game gets underway.
Where, but here, do sports fans get to see such great teams play?

*Pink hat fans are - almost always - women who are drunk.
Give a basic, baseball-knowledge quiz to them - they'd flunk.
They will pick a favorite player based on if he's cute.
Ask them if their team just won - they couldn't give a hoot.

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