Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Thank You Chelmsford Schools

Eldest son is graduating, soon, from Chelmsford High.
This week he'll be telling staff and teachers there good-bye.
He's at Seniors' breakfast now; the prom's tomorrow night.
(Have to go and make sure his tuxedo fits him right.)

Friday's Seniors' banquet; graduation is the 1st.
I am so proud of him I'm afraid I'm gonna burst.
But, as this week rushes by and high school slips away,
There are just a few things that I'd really like to say;

My son's been in Chelmsford schools since he was only 5.
They have taught him everything (excepting how to drive.)
It is thanks to them and all the lessons that he's learned
He will be receiving this diploma that he's earned.

Teachers, Dean, and coaches shaped the boy into a man;
Taught him how to stop and think - then execute a plan.
Gave him all the tools he'll need next year at Plymouth State.
Thank you Chelmsford High School.  Lions aren't just good...  They're great!

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