Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Across the Pond - Syria and Russia (Still)

A Syrian rebel leader committing cannibalism. (Photo/

Want to help the Syrians, but - wait...  Before we start.
Who is it we're helping?  Rebel ate a soldier's heart,
Then cut out his liver and, it seems, he ate that too.
That is not the kind of guy I want to help.  Do you?

If the U.S. gets involved we'll only make things worse;
That's unless John Kerry gets the Russians to reverse
Their position on Assad and that's not looking good...
Russia says they've caught a spy in Moscow's neighborhood.

He was found with wigs and cash and offers to employ
Someone to spy on the Russian homeland for us.  Boy...
Bet that put a crimp in Secretary Kerry's style.
Getting Putin's help in Syria might take a while.

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