Monday, May 13, 2013

Let's Go Leafs?

I've been feeling hesitant to write a Bruins rhyme;
Maybe I should rhyme about the Maple Leafs instead?
Anything to help the Boston Bruins get ahead.

Something has to change because the Bruins cannot score;
Haven't had the kind of luck they used to have before.
We cannot blame Krejci; he's done all that we could ask.
Not the fault of our amazing goalie; Tuukka Rask.

True, Toronto's goalie, Jimmy Reimer, has been great.
Their defensive players are aggressive when they skate.
Maple Leafs are quick and show precision when they pass.
(Phew!  I hope that is enough 'cause I've run out of gas.)

Bruins spent the night up there; they had a broken plane.
Bet they didn't get much sleep. Toronto went insane.
Now they face Game 7, but they'll be on hometown ice.
I'd say that I hope they win, but now I'm thinking twice.

(Let's Go Bruins!)

Later...  Oh! My! God!...  It worked.  Let's Go Rangers!

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