Friday, May 10, 2013

Dear Future Daughters-in-Law...


Sunday will be Mothers Day; I'm breakfasting in bed.
Pop-Tarts and some orange juice is what I'm, likely, fed.
I'm the mom of teen-age boys who don't know how to cook.
Hope my future daughters-in-law let me off the hook.

My 2 don't know how to clean...  Their rooms?  Disaster sites.
Any modern woman will be well within her rights
If she should decide that she's not all that fond of me.
It will be my fault my sons don't help - Just wait and see.

Good thing they're both handsome, tall, and charming, loving guys.
(Future wives will have to give me credit for those eyes.)
Sorry, 'though they never learned the concept of a chore,
I still think they're wonderful and couldn't love them more.

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