Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Rus Down in Rus-ville Like Putin Alot...


Getting close to Christmas-time and Putin's playing Grinch,
As the price of oil goes down and sanctions start to pinch;
He's cracked down internally on opposition groups.
Meanwhile, in Crimea, he's begun amassing troops.

Yet, the Rus in Russia - unlike Whoville and the Whos -
Still support their President, according to the news.
Putin's heart might be too small; his ego, though, is not...
His ambitions in the region also grew alot.

Though they face recession next year, Russians do not care.
Putin's just as popular as ever over there.
It's as if the Whos decided, late one Christmas night,
They should help to trash their town because the Grinch was right.

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