Monday, December 15, 2014

A Pink Hat and a Tee-Shirt Day

Ladies BCA Knit Hat-White/Pink
I'll be adding another tee-shirt to my collection.
6 straight years of winning their Division for the Pats;
12 of 14 years when they got new tee-shirts and hats.
Seasons of accomplishing what others only tried.
Belichick and Brady fill New Englanders with pride.

Think about the streak of wins the 2 of them are on;
Even now, with stars from older winning seasons gone,
Belichick and Brady keep on adding to their wins...
Like the one from yesterday against Miami's 'phins.

Next week, in New Jersey, they'll be taking on the Jets
Where Division rivalry's as nasty as it gets.
Belichick should focus on just getting out alive.
Keep Tom Brady playing football 'til he's 45.

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