Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Unsolicited Advice for Religious Extremists


Ever since the human race conceived of any god
We have used religion as a way for men to prod
People into actions most would, otherwise, not take;
Murders, wars, beheadings - burning "witches" at the stake.

"This is what our god demands," is always the excuse.
Gods who call for that are ones for which I have no use.
If gods have an enemy that they need me to smite
I'd think that's an indication something wasn't right.

Give me One who says that I must love my fellow man;
Who commands that I help them in any way I can.
One who calls for tolerance of other points of view.
One who doesn't judge what you believe, but what you do.

"God is love," the scriptures say - no matter which you read.
God is our support and comfort in our times of need.
God does not demand that unbelievers have to die...
Doing evil unto someone?  That's the other guy.


  1. And yet the Bible and Koran proclaim in black and white
    The Abrahamic deity calls killing just and right.
    Leviticus and Moses cite God's clear command to slay
    The infidel, the foreigner, the sorceress, the gay.

    Bin Laden and the Taliban, witch-burners and Fred Phelps;
    It's they who got the Scripture right -- re-read it if that helps.
    Their God, he truly is that way, his own Word makes it clear;
    A God of love and tolerance? You'll have to look elsewhere.

    And yet the Bible offers one, a being much vilified,
    Who never ordered death or pain, but knowledge gave -- or tried.
    You've doubtless guessed I mean that much-maligned "the other guy";
    If Satan's not your thing, perhaps give Zeus or Pan a try?

    1. I see I'm not the only one with Seussilitis... Bravo Infidel.