Friday, November 14, 2014

A Lousy Week Redeemed


This has been a lousy week for me - a hectic one.
Two things in its favor though; the first... It's nearly done.
It's almost the weekend, when my phone comes off the hook.
Which is great 'cause; second... Stephen King's released a book.

It came out on Tuesday and, despite so much to do,
I just started reading and I'm more than half-way through.
Only King can make 400 pages seem too short;
His Revival's excellent, I'm happy to report.

It, alone, might - almost - make the awful week I've had
Fade into the background and appear not (quite) so bad.
I have gotta hurry though; my sister wants it next.
If I haven't finished it by Monday she'll be vexed.

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