Monday, December 01, 2014

On To San Diego

New England Patriots' fans should take Aaron's advice. (Courtesy/

There, on Lambeau's frozen field, with just a play or two,
Went New England's winning streak; an outcome Pats' fans knew
Was a possibility we faced when going in...
And, may I congratulate the Packers on their win.

I predict we'll see Green Bay again before we're through
 I have hopes there'll be a different outcome when we do.
Pats are on to San Diego - playing Sunday night.
I don't think we're gonna lose that game, although we might.

I still like New England's chance of going all the way
(Even if we never see another run from Gray)
I believe we'll reach our goal; the Super Bowl or bust.
In Bill Belichick and Brady I've put all my trust.

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