Friday, December 05, 2014

I Am Chip

 (Warning: Mr. Chappelle's routine contains graphic language.)

Dave Chappelle's a brilliant comic.  Dave Chappelle is black.
Dave did a routine about police a few years back;
Told some stories of past interactions with the cops...
His friend Chip and he involved in minor traffic stops.

Both of them as high as kites (and Chip was driving drunk)
Still, he didn't find himself spread-eagled on his trunk.
Chip received a warning; the exchanges were polite.
Dave was shocked to see how cops treat people who are white.

Wasn't his experience in dealings with the law;
Blacks are frightened by police and that's a fatal flaw.
You'd feel smothered too if cops were breathing down your neck.
If I didn't trust police I'd be a nervous wreck.

Just like Chip, I've always felt policemen were my friends
But, with recent studies showing such disturbing trends,
I would not feel quite so sure if I weren't quite so pale...
Fearful that the slightest thing could land my butt in jail.

We have got to shift perceptions; training is a start
And the body camera idea is also smart.
That way cops can document if people give them lip
And they're motivated to treat everyone like Chip.

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