Monday, November 17, 2014

Welcome to 50

Triumphant! (Photo/Kate Corr Walsh)
Happy Birthday brother dearest...  Welcome to the group!
As you're new to 50, thought you'd like to know the scoop.
This, my love, is middle age; for it's official now
(Unless science finds a way to lengthen lives, somehow.)

This is when your body parts will all begin to ache;
When you cannot go too long without a bathroom break.
You'll start hearing "creaking" in your knees and hips and spine.
Do not let it bother you.  I promise, you'll be fine.

There are compensations for the pains of growing old;
You no longer have to do exactly as you're told.
You've got more authority than younger people do;
Who'd do very well by simply emulating you.

You're someone to be admired in so many ways...
I will not go on about it since you don't like praise.
But, you'll make a great addition to the Old Folks' team
As age gives you freedom to pursue the life you dream.


  1. Unless science finds a way to lengthen lives, somehow.

    They're working on it.

    1. Speaking as an old woman... I'd appreciate it if they'd work faster. :)