Monday, December 08, 2014

Sincere Condolences to Non-Patriots Fans

Patriots Super Bowl Trophy During the patriots-jaguars

Twelve straight years of winning 10 or more...  While others dream.
I feel sorry for the folks who love another team.
Patriots are 10 and 3 and, currently, in 1st;
Even after San Diego's Chargers did their worst.

Defense for New England did their jobs (and even more.)
Jamie Collins in your face can make it hard to score.
Revis shut opponents down and Browner laid them low.
Bad officiating stole a touchdown from us, though.

Browner hit a guy so hard that he coughed up the ball;
Hit was legal but officials made a bullsh!t call.
Browner used his shoulder - which is bound to leave a mark -
In the end, however, that provided us the spark

Which the Offense needed to go out and seal the deal.
Chances we'll go undefeated, here on out, are real.
I don't wish to count my chickens well before they're hatched,
But the teams we've yet to play are badly over-matched.

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