Thursday, December 04, 2014

Make the Deal

Rabbi Arthur Schneier meets this month with Alan Gross, right, at the Cuban jail where Gross is being held. (Photo/

Alan Gross, a man who worked for USAID,
Still sits in a Cuban jail (the Castros say that he
Tried to build a private network; therefore, he's a spy)
Five years later he's still there; we have to help the guy.

There are rumors Cuba wants to try and make a trade;
Swap him for the Cuban 5.  I hope the deal gets made.
True the Cuban 5 were spies, but I am pretty sure
Gross's actions inside Cuba weren't completely pure.

5 are down to 3 men who've served 16 years in jail.
Send them back and rescue Gross, who's looking very frail.
Whether he's a spy or not is not important now...
Only thing that matters is we bring him home somehow.

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