Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Race for the White House Looks Across the Pond

Photo credit/ Michael Reynolds, Associated Press
In their 3rd and last debate  - 2 men on a stage -
Topic?  Foreign policy, with both on the same page.
Romney sounded rational, a reassuring change...
Not like recent statements, some of which were pretty strange.

Nothing new that he would do in Syria.  Iran?
Isolating Ahmadinejad?  Is that his plan?
Romney seemed to say he'd give the sanctions time to fail.

Kissing up to Israel (as usual) both men
Do not plan to push for peace...  Though, if not now, then when?
I think that Obama has a chance - however small.

Neither mentioned Europe; jumped on China quite a bit.
Differed on some details but, in truth, the bottom line;
Romney just conceded that Obama's doing fine.

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