Friday, October 19, 2012

Yankees Swept from ALCS - Is That You, Sports Gods?

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Could it be the sports gods are relenting, just a bit?
How else to explain the fact the Yankees couldn't hit?
Not surprising A-Rod was so bad 'cause, after all,
He is always really ineffective in the Fall.

Cannot blame their pitching staff for, up until last night,
They ensured the Yankees had a chance; the games were tight.
But, although the scores were close, they'd lose by 1 or 2.
If Yankees don't hit the ball what can their pitchers do?

Where the heck was Robinson Cano' now Jeter's hurt?
Looked like Red Sox players last year (save the pinstriped shirt.)
Mr. S. is feeling down but I've begun to hope
Sports gods may be smiling on me...  Is that taunting? Nope.

Simply an acknowledgement that, for a Red Sox fan,
Nothing brightens up the day like Yankees losing can.
But, I wouldn't dare to taunt before we play the Jets...
Not when sports gods showed the Seahawks' Sherman what that gets.

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