Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Race for the White House - Shake Up in the Northeast

Photo credit/Associated Press

Did you feel the earthquake we had here in the Northeast?
(Not the little bump we got - a 4.2, at least.
That one had an epicenter somewhere up in Maine.)
Last night's biggest shake-up was New York's and this campaign.

President Obama was prepared and wide awake.
Seemed to realize - at last - how much he had at stake.
Romney seemed belligerent and rude (at least to me).
Frequently went long on time; talked over poor Candy.

Only problem I still have?   The President's not clear
On the course his future Ship of State is gonna steer.
I believe that Romney's math is fuzzy and he's wrong;
But, how will Obama and the Congress get along?

If his plan's to stay the course we're on, then I'm concerned.
His attempts to come together - compromise - were spurned. 
We have issues screaming for bi-partisan reform;
Overhaul the system for the looming fiscal storm...

But, D.C.'s so toxic now the system doesn't work.
Mitch McConnell's evil plan's succeeding (what a jerk).
Playing party politics, he fiddles while we burn;
Can Obama fix that if he gets another turn?

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