Monday, October 15, 2012

The New England Patriots - Why Do The Sports Gods Hate Me?

Be careful Richard Sherman...  The sports gods don't like taunting.

Sports news in New England's been enough to drive me nuts.
I am more than half convinced the sports gods hate our guts.
After all the Red Sox drama I believed the Pats
Offered sanctuary from those dismal, baseball stats.

But, instead, I've watched as they blow leads late in the game.
Yesterday, Tom Brady's passes didn't look the same;
Throws 2 interceptions - throws it at receivers' shoes -
Defense gives up 14 points in minutes and we lose.

I know that the ball was wet and rain was pouring down;
I know that Seattle (mostly) wins in their home town.
Even so, that can't explain why Brady couldn't throw
Or how, yet again, we have a 2 score lead we blow.

Thought I was a sports fan but I guess that I forgot;
I'm a fan of winning and my favorite teams are not.
World-Champ, New York (Football) Giants* won at Candlestick...
Yankees in the play-offs - It's no wonder  that I'm sick.

Not as if it's talent that New England players lack...
Must be something we can do to win the sports gods back.
I'd do almost anything they ask to beat the Jets...
Losing's bad but, to New York?  That's as bad as it gets.

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