Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Race for the White House - The 1st Debate

Chris Christie

Didn't seem to know his job was sowing seeds of doubt;
Lower expectations for his candidate's debate.
He, instead, predicted that Mitt Romney would be great.

Every single talking head has praised the other guy -
Don't want voters setting the performance bar too high.
Christie went the other route and said the game would change;
Claimed that, Thursday morning, Romney wouldn't seem so strange.

Maybe so...  He's certainly been practicing of late;
Has some "zingers" he's been saving up for this debate.
But, in my opinion, Romney looks like he's in pain
And that grimacing he calls a smile drives me insane.

Yes, I know it's silly to let visuals decide
So I'll try to push facial expressions to the side...
Focus on his arguments and not on how he acts.
Never mind the zingers Mitt...  Let's finally hear some facts

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