Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Race for the White House - Unsolicited Advice for the 2nd Debate


I sure hope the President is chugging down the Bull;
That his staff ensures his cup of coffee's always full.
Hope his head is in the game - he got a good night's rest.
At tonight's Town Meeting he has got to be his best.

Never mind what Romney says, it's only gonna change.
Romney's not the guy with whom he's having this exchange.
In this type of format they aren't having a debate,
They are being interviewed.  Obama should do great.

Romney's sure to step in it again, and to his loss;
Think his insincerity is bound to come across.
Can't prepare for how he'll stand for where would you begin?
Only thing that Mitt believes is that he oughta win.

Take it to the People, Mr. President... Not Mitt.
If you have a big idea, please, let us in on it.
Good luck Candy Crowley. I don't envy your job, kid.
Hope you have it easier than poor Jim Lehrer did.

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