Thursday, October 18, 2012

Across the Pond - FOX News and the Benghazi Conspiracy

At the next - and last - debate (my anniversary),
I would bet the candidates revisit Benghazi.
I'm not sure, exactly, what the fuss is all about;
Killers of Ambassadors are terrorists.  No doubt.

Who's behind the terrorism doesn't change the fact
President did say it was a terroristic act.
In chaotic aftermaths, in countries far away,
Sorting out the details takes you more than just 1 day.

Just like Mr. Romney's statements (his came out by noon),
President Obama may have spoken up too soon.
Monday morning quarterbacking from the FOX News booth
Claims it was conspiracy to not yet know the truth.

(You won't hear FOX mention the success of that attack
May have been related to a budgetary lack.
Means that there's less money for employing extra guards.)

One thing I am certain of - the President was clear -
We will find the terrorists who did it, never fear.
Spare me the conspiracies; I'll let the crazies rant.
FOX should interview bin Laden...  Oh, that's right.  They can't.

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