Thursday, October 23, 2014

Building an Ark

It's cold and it's windy and wet
So, as I've explained to our pet,
No walks in the park...
I'm building an ark,
'cause we're gonna need one, I'd bet.

I fear that our dog is upset
For there's not a puddle she's met
That she doesn't mark.
She's starting to bark
But I haven't given in yet.

Uncaring how drenched we'll both get
The dog's still insisting I let
Her out in the dark.
Refusing to hark...
Perhaps we'll go visit the vet.


  1. How can you resist those beautiful big brown eyes? Away with thecloudy wet skies. Take her out to play, on this miserable day, and she will thank you with love from those eyes.

    1. It's pouring outside - not just mist...
      And therefore, I can so resist
      Those pretty brown eyes
      When stormy gray skies
      Drop rain that won't cease and desist.