Thursday, October 02, 2014

Sincerest Sympathies to the Secret Service

Us Secret Service Wallpaper ...

President Obama's had some unexpected guests;
Normally his visitors must pass strict background tests.
Secret Service agents put their bodies on the line
Making sure that all of the Obamas will be fine.

Recently, however, they've been sleeping on the job;
Let a felon with a gun and some poor, crazy slob
Get too close for comfort and then missed it when one guy
Took shots at the White House...  Didn't see the shrapnel fly.

Congress grilled Director Pierson; made her eat some crow.
Found the Secret Service's responses much too slow.
(Only when it's someone else does Congress seem to mind)
But they had some valid points so Pierson's just resigned.

Her replacement - Clancy - was Obama's bodyguard
And I wish him lots of luck because his job is hard.
Doesn't matter that Obama's hired someone new;
No-one can predict what random lunatics will do.

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