Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Massachusetts' Governor's Debates - 2014

State Seal of Massachusetts.

2 weeks 'til the Midterms so I'm watching the debates,
Like the one last night between the leading candidates
For the state's new Governor (on local PBS)
Moderated by respected members of the press.

Format was a conversation; there weren't many rules.
Pointed questions led into some heated, verbal duels.
Baker had a hard time looking Martha in the face.
Both were pressed for details and allowed to make their case.

Martha Coakley did appear a little less uptight;
Baker seemed to come across a lot like Bill Weld Lite.
Both were very well prepared.  It's hard to say who won;
But, in recent polling, Charlie's pulled ahead by 1.

I'll be voting Coakley 'cause her values match with mine
(Though, if Charlie Baker wins, I think we'll still be fine.)
I just cannot make myself support the GOP;
They will never - ever -  get another vote from me.

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  1. Isnt it strange, and isnt it funny. the winner in politics is the the one with most money . I get nothing of interest from a political ad, quite often they just make me sad. I choose my candidate more often than not, by the character shown whenever they talk. A thirty second spot on TV,usually just angers me. I ask myself who is this person and would I wish to be, sitting down and shareing a nice cup of tea? Foolish? perhaps, but as you can see, the one with the most money means nothing to me.