Friday, September 13, 2013

Dear Patriots... I Told You So


All the rain that Denver's getting? It's New England's tears.
Danny Amendola's out, confirming our worst fears;
When we let Wes Welker leave we made a huge mistake.
With 10 million dollars left to spend...?  Give me a break.

Looked like we could use him in the game I watched last night.
Brady's bullet passes dropped by rookies, left and right.
If it weren't for Edelman and Defense we'd have lost...
Should have paid Wes Welker what he asked and screw the cost.
Patriots need someone who can catch a Brady pass.
Welker plays for Manning and the Broncos now...  Alas. 
(deep breaths....   deeeep breaths)

I guess we all make mistakes; I'll live and just let live.
Even though I told you so, I'm willing to forgive.

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