Friday, October 03, 2014

The Pottery Barn Rule - Belabouring a Metaphor

At Pottery Barn, if you knock over a lamp, you have to glue it back together, even if when you're done it looks terrible and it doesn't work. Oh, and you have to stay in the store forever. Oh, and it's an exploding lamp.  - Stephen Colbert

"If you break it then you've bought it;" so we've all been told.
Even though the cost is high (and I ain't talking gold.)
Even when the thing was damaged long before we came;
Even if it isn't - ever - gonna be the same.

It's not like we were not warned 11 years ago
That the thing could shatter into pieces...  Now we know
It's not just a single item that we went and broke;
We've brought down the whole damn store in flames and toxic smoke.

Now the rats are scurrying throughout the neighborhood;
We're obliged to go back in and clean them out for good.
But, while we are hunting them, let's try hard not to make
Any major purchases of something else we break.

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