Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Hong Kong and China's National Day

Hong Kong - Umbrella Revolution - Banner

China's grown impatient with the island of Hong Kong
Where police gassed demonstrators who'd done nothing wrong...
In the streets to protest an abridgment of their rights;
Unaware that Beijing pulls no punches when it fights.

Hong Kong doesn't like that China's limiting their choice
In the next election; leaving half without a voice.
Demonstrators, mainly students, peaceful and polite,
Tried to make it very clear that they don't want a fight.

They just want a vote with meaning; one that's not a sham.
Candidates who'll stand for them and will not try to cram
Mainland China's policies down Hong Kong voters' throats...
Beijing doesn't like when people start demanding votes.

China's being patient - so far - hoping this will pass.
Thinking that these demonstrations will run out of gas.
If they keep on growing though, as others join the ranks,
Let's all pray that China won't, again, resort to tanks.

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