Thursday, September 18, 2014

What's a Little Mugging Between Friends?

(Photo/Courtesy of
BBC reporters, recently, got beaten up...
Do they think this "random" mugging looks suspicious? Yup.
For, if you have asked yourself; "What did the muggers get?
"Did they steal their watches, car, or wallets from them?" Nyet.

While in Russia, looking into soldiers who have died
(Where they found some evidence that Putin may have lied;
That he does have troops within the borders of Ukraine
Fighting with the rebels because Russia seeks to gain

Access to Crimea - which they've already annexed)
BBC reporting left somebody rather vexed.
 "Muggers" smashed their cameras.  Then, questioned by police,
It was hours later before victims gained release.

They went back to find someone had rifled through their car
But the only damage they're discovering - so far -
Is to their computer drives with files for their report...
I have doubts their case will ever make it into court.

I suspect the mastermind behind this petty crime 
Never has to worry that he'll end up doing time.
How do you arrest a head of state who's doing worse?
When you're stealing territory, what's a little purse?

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