Monday, October 06, 2014

Patriots 43 - Bengals 17; Any Questions?

Last night in New England, 'neath a perfect Autumn moon,
Rumors of the Patriots' demise appeared too soon.
Era isn't over yet...  In Belichick we trust;
Confident the Hall of Fame will, one day, house his bust.

Patriots were pilloried in media and blogs,
Coming in to Sunday's game at home as 1 point dogs.
After this past week they've had of listening to crap
The New England Patriots were just about to snap.

You could not have paid me to be in the Bengals' shoes;
There was not a chance in hell the Patriots would lose.
Any stupid questions now about Garoppolo?
Just don't ask Bill Belichick...  He's on to Buffalo.

1 comment:

  1. In Bill we we do trust. I can picture the bust, as it is proudly displayed in Canton. And in the next hall, there is Tom with the ball, aimed clearly at all of the doubt 'en.