Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Unsolicited Advice Regarding Ebola

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Texas Presbyterian reports a second case;
One more health-care worker caught Ebola from the place.
Both took care of Thomas Duncan who has, sadly, died.
Both say that they followed all procedures - or, they tried.

Lacking the equipment and the training that they'd need
Nursing staff might not be ready - yet they take the lead
In the care of patients so the risk to them is high...
I believe it's time we gave a new approach a try.

We need staff whose specialty's contagion and disease;
Centers where procedure's stricter than the CDC.'s.
When someone is diagnosed you ship the patient there
Where they can receive the most experienced of care.

With the newest treatments and equipment for these fights
There's no need to panic or to shut down all the flights.
Meanwhile, thoughts and prayers go out to those who've gotten sick;
Hoping their recoveries are smooth, complete, and quick.

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