Friday, October 24, 2014

Teenage Boys Are Stupid


Bomber of the marathon in Boston's college friend,
On trial and now waiting 'til deliberations end,
Has to hope the jury members know some teenage boys
Or of all the brain cells that their smoking pot destroys.

This kid didn't help police; at least, not right away.
Phillipos seemed slow to realize it's not okay
Sticking to the rule that college friends don't talk to cops...
When your friend's a terrorist, the code of silence stops.

Even though the part he played, in fact, was rather small
He tried hard to cover-up he was involved, at all.
So he started lying - which you shouldn't oughta try
When you're being questioned by police and FBI.

Didn't get the details right, he said, 'cause he was stoned.
Wasn't sure his friend was guilty or he would have phoned.
Now he could get 16 years because of what he did.
Though he might be guilty, I feel sorry for the kid.

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